Language & Literacy Development

Emergent Literacy

Phonemic Awareness & Phonics

  • Listening for sounds
  • Mystery sounds
  • Collecting sound pictures
  • Connecting ending sounds
  • Tongue twisters
  • and much more...

Letters, Sounds & Words

  • Learning to look at letters
  • Letter learning
  • Tactile experiences with letters
  • Letter charts
  • Alphabet books
  • and much more...

Supporting Emergent Readers

  • Story awareness: language structure,meaning and organization
  • Talking like a book
  • Print awareness: letters, words, and how print "works"
  • Interactive read aloud
  • Book activities
  • and much more...

Supporting Emergent Writers

  • Early writing behaviors
  • Purposeful writing
  • Shared and interactive writing
  • Independent writing and drawing
  • Bookmaking
  • and much more...

Play is at the center of all learning at Veritas Kidz. All activities take a child's age, skills and development into consideration.