About Us

Literacy Beginnings

We at Veritas seek to partner with parents to positively focus our influence to shape the lives of children in a restful environment, starting from Pre-K all the way to 12th grade. Through our emergent literacy program, we are preparing future kindergartners through a fun, faith-based kindergarten readiness curriculum. Our backgrounds include a doctorate in education, masters degrees in early childhood, curriculum and instruction, the inclusive classroom and research in brain development. But most of all, we love our little ones. We love to see children grow, explore, and develop their own voice and ideas. Our high energy team and extreme patience can keep kids going for hours at a time. And when it's time for naps, we provide a soothing and calming space where they can listen to soft music or be read to, while they rest.

Life at Veritas

On a typical day, you will find our staff on the floor playing with your child. From answering questions to reading out loud, your child will be loved and cared for just like you would at home. We enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the vast space on our 10 acres of land and the fenced playground. Children explore the grounds, learn about nature and build forts. In the winter they build with snow and slide on sleds. Your child will spend a few hours a day developing language, literacy and cognitive skills. Together we will explore pre-writing, pre-reading, and numbers. All learning takes a child's development and skills into consideration. Music and art play a role in every day learning. And at Christmas and Easter, parents can see their kids perform in special programs.